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ZHEJIANG E DYE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO LTD has supplied dyestuff for textile industry for more than 30 years we export to UK Indonesia Egypt Turkey Vietnam Pakistan etc We are distributor of Runtu Which is the biggest dyestuff manufacturer in China Most of our dyes are compliance with OEKO TEX standard we have our own laboratory and technician can provide technical support at any time Our mission is to make the deal easier by supplying Competitive price Timely delivery Quality products to our customers

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Disperse Dyes

Reactive Dyes

Acid Dyes

Basic Dyes

Direct Dyes

Sulphur Dyes

Products Keywords
Red 195Black BRed 3BSBlue 21Black 5Blue 19Acid RedAcid BlueBlack WNNAcid DyesYellow 3RSFabric DyePowder DyeNylon DyesBasic DyesYellow 145Acid YellowLeather DyeDirect DyesAcid Blue 62Sulphur DyesCationic RedAcid Red 131Basic Red 46Basic Red 14Cationic BlueAcid Red A-3BCationic DyesDisperse DyesReactive DyesDisperse Red BBasic Blue 159Acid Black M-RNavy Blue P-2GAcid Blue E-2RAcid Black 172Acid Black 194Disperse Red 92Acid Black AM-RDisperse Red GSBasic Black X-ONavy Blue EX-SFSulphur Black 1Disperse Red FBDisperse Red 60Disperse Red 3BDisperse Red 54Disperse Gray NDisperse Red 73Disperse Red BSCationic YellowDisperse Red 13Disperse Red PBBasic Yellow 28Disperse Blue 56Dyes For TextileTextile DyestuffReactive Red 195Polyester DyeingReactive Red 261Reactive Blue 19Disperse Red 343Cation Red X-GRLDisperse Red 152Disperse Red BELReactive Blue 49Disperse Red PBSDisperse Red 153Disperse Blue 79Reactive Red 108Reactive Blue BFDisperse Blue 60Disperse Red 277Disperse Red 167Reactive Red 218Reactive Red 3BSReactive Blue 21Reactive Blue 14Reactive Black 5Reactive Red 250Reactive Black BReactive Blue P-RDisperse Red F3BSDisperse Blue 291Reactive Blue 222Direct Blend DyesDisperse Red P-4GDisperse Red P-RLReactive Black GNDisperse Blue 183Reactive Blue 220Reactive Red P-6BDye for PolyesterReactive Violet 5Disperse Blue 3GRHigh Energy BlackReactive Red M-8BEco Friendly DyesHigh Quality DyesReactive Red R-2BFDisperse Blue 2BLNDisperse Orange 30Disperse Black ECODisperse Orange 25Disperse Yellow 82Disperse Violet 63Disperse Blue CR-EDisperse Orange 44Dyes for PolyesterFor Texilte DyeingDisperse Yellow 54Diseperse Blue 366Reactive Red R-3BFAcid Dyes For WoolDisperse Black SRNDisperse Blue S-GLReactive Red R-6BFDiseprse Orange 29Cationic Black X-ODisperse Navy BlueReactive Blue 13:1Reactive Yellow 176Disperse Blue S-3BGReactive Yellow 3RSReactive Orange 122Cationic Blue Sd-BlDisperse Yellow 211Disperse Bordeaux BAcid Black For WoolPopular Direct DyesDisperse Black EXSFReactive Black KN-BGloden Yellow SE-3RDisperse Orange 288Reactive Black K-BRReactive Yellow 160Reactive Black P-GRDisperse Black 400%Disperse Yellow 114Disperse Blue SE-2RDisperse Red S-3GFLDisperse Yellow 119Disperse Black PH-SDisperse Orange F3RReactive Black R-HHDisperse Violet P-RLReactive Yellow K-6GDisperse Yellow 6GFSDisperse Yellow C-5GReactive Orange K-GnReactive Super BlackDisperse Yellow E-3GDisperse Black S-2BLDisperse Brown S-2BLReactive Yellow K-RNDisperse Yellow P-6GReactive Turq Blue GReactive Violet M-5RDirect Fast Black GFFor Polyester DyeingPopular Sulphur DyesDisperse Yellow C-4GReactive Black 5 133%Popular Reactive DyesDisperse Orange P-4RLDisperse Rubine P-5BLDirect Fast Yellow RLDirect Fast Yellow 86Reactive G.Yellow 145Good Quality DyestuffDisperse Rubine S-5BLDirect Blend Navy D-RReactive Yellow P-6GSDisperse Violet S-3RLEco Friendly DyestuffCationic Yellow SD-GLDirect Blend Navy 297Disperse Rubine S-2GFLReactive Orange R-2RLNDisperse Rubine SE-GFLReactive Navy Blue 222Disperse Oragne S-3RFLDisperse Rubine SE-2GFDisperse For PolyesterDisperse Golden YellowReactive Navy Blue 194Disperse Navy Blue ECOReactive Turq Blue RESDisperse Orange SE-5RLDisperse Orange S-2RFLReactive Black WNN 200%Textile Dyestuff RubineDyes For Textile DyeingReactive Turq Blue P-GLPowder Dye For PrintingReactive Navy Blue R-BFReactive Navy Blue P-2RDisperse Red For DyeingReactive Turq Blue K-GLReactive Dyes In PowderReactive Dyes On CottonFluorescent Yellow 8GFFReactive G.Yellow R-3RDPowder Dye for PolyesterDisperse Dyes For DyeingReactive Dyes For DyeingReactive Dyes For CottonReactive G.Yellow R-4RFNSulphur Black For CottonPopular Textile DyestuffEco-Friendly Textile DyesRed Red For Cotton DyeingDisperse Fluoresent Red GReactive Black For CottonDisperse Red For PrintingReactive Navy Blue R-2GLNReactive Turq Blue B-BGFNPopular Reactive DyestuffHigh Quality Disperse DyesReactive Brilliant Blue BBDisperse Red for PolyesterReactive Yellow For CottonDirect Blend Scarlet D-GLNHigh Stength Reactive BlueReactive Red 195 In PowderReactive Br. Yellow R-4GLNReactive Dyes For PrintingBlack For Polyester DyeingDisperse Dyes For PrintingEco-Friendly Reactive DyesDisperse Black For PrintingDisperse Brilliant Blue P-GDisperse Dyes For PolyesterDyes For Polyester PrintingDisperse Yellow for TextileDisperse Turquoise Blue P-GAcid Red For Wool And NylonReactive Blue 19 For CottonAcid Black For Nylon DyeingPopular Dyestuff for TextileDisperse Orange For PrintingDisperse Golden Yellow SE-RLCationic Brilliant Red X-5GNBasic Red For Acrylic DyeingDirect Blend Dyes For CottonAcid Blue For Nylon And WoolReactive Dyestuff For CottonReactive Bright Yellow P-6GSReactive Brilliant Blue RS/PDisperse Yellow For PrintingReactive Birlliant Blue P-3RReactive Brilliant Blue R-RVReactive Turq Blue For CottonReactive Navy Blue For DyeingReactive Dyes Briilliant BlueDirect Blend Brilliant YellowDisperse Yellow For PolyesterBasic Blue For Acrylic DyeingAcid Black For Nylon And WoolReactive Red For Cotton DyeingBlack For Cotton Fabric DyeingEco-Friendly Dyes For PolyesterBlack PH-S For Polyester FabricBasic Yellow For Acrylic DyeingDisperse Dyes For Fabric DyeingPopular Reactive Dyes In PowderReactive Dyes For Cotton DyeingReactive Dyes With Good PropertyBlack For Polyester Fiber DyeingReactive Black For Cotton DyeingDisperse Brown For Fabric DyeingDisperse Dyes For Textile DyeingBrown S-2BL For Polyester DyeingPopular Reactive Dyes For CottonDisperse Blue For Textile DyeingReactive Violet For Cotton DyeingPowder Dye For Polyester PrintingDisperse Golden Yellow For DyeingDisperse Red for Polyester DyeingReactive Blue For Cotton PrintingReactive Orange For Cotton DyeingPowder Reactive Dyes For PrintingDisperse Dyes For Polyester DyeingDisperse Blue For Polyester DyeingReactive Black For Cotton PrintingSulphur Black For Cotton And LinenDyes For Polyester Fabric PrintingReactive Brilliant Blue For CottonBasic Black X-O For Acrylic DyeingPowder Dyes For Polyester PrintingReactive Yellow For Cotton PrintingReactive Orange For Cotton PrintingDisperse Red For Polyester PrintingDirect Blend Navy For Cotton DyeingReactive G.Yellow For Cotton DyeingDirect Blend Red For Blended FabricReactive Black For Textile PrintingReactive Black With Good PerformanceDisperse Violet For Polyester DyeingDisperse Turquoise Blue For PrintingDisperse Golden Yellow For PolyesterDisperse Dyes For Polyester PrintingDisperse Yellow For Polyester DyeingDisperse Orange For Polyester DyeingReactive Navy Blue For Cotton DyeingReactive Turquoise Blue For PrintingReactive Yellow For Textile PrintingEco-Friendly Reactive Dyes For DyeingReactive Br. Yellow For Cotton DyeingReactive Red For Cotton Fabric DyeingEco-friendly Dyes For Polyester DyeingReactive Navy Blue For Cotton PrintingReactive Turq Blue For Cotton PrintingDirect Black For Blended Fabric DyeingReactive Blue For Cotton Fabric DyeingDirect Blend Yellow For Blended FabricBasic Brilliant Red For Acrylic DyeingReactive Dyes For Cotton Fabric DyeingPopular Reactive Dyes For Cotton DyeingReactive Red For Cotton Fabric PrintingEco-friendly Reactive Dyes For PrintingDirect Yellow For Blended Fabric DyeingReactive Black For Cotton Fiber PrintingDisperse Red For Polyester Fabric DyeingOrange For Polyester Dyeing and PrintingPowder Dye For Polyester Fabric PrintingDisperse Red For Polyester Fiber PrintingReactive Brilliant Blue For Cotton DyeingDisperse Red For Polyester Fabric PrintingReactive G.Yellow For Cotton Fabric DyeingReactive Yellow For Cotton Fabric PrintingDisperse Dyes For Polyester Fiber PrintingDisperse Turquoise Blue for Poyester DyeingDisperse Yellow For Blended Fabric PrintingReactive Brilliant Blue For Cotton PrintingDisperse Yellow For Polyester Fabric DyeingDisperse Dyes.Reactive Dyes.Acid Dyes.Cationic Dyes
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